Pink Floyd roger waters, About Pink Floyd, a Legend Over 50 Years Old

Why is Roger Waters no longer with Pink Floyd? Did David Gilmour like Roger Waters? Will Roger Waters ever reunite with Pink Floyd? Why is Roger Waters the richest Pink Floyd member?


Pink Floyd roger waters, About Pink Floyd, a Legend Over 50 Years Old

You get a different taste in each album while listening to Pink Floyd . Like most people, you listen with your eyes closed. Not only do you respect their musical background, but you can’t help but admire their lyrics. You can easily understand why his 18 albums have sold nearly 150 million copies worldwide. Pink Floyd is positioned in a completely different place in the music world, not only with its lyrics and musicality, but also with its music videos, stage performances and fan clubs, and philosophical perspectives that have left traces in the lives of many people. It is a music school that has made a documentary and left its mark on the world of music, if the phrase is appropriate .It is a band that makes music in a different lane, which makes you think that all other people who are engaged in music after watching their concert are in another class. Even Pink Floyd literature has emerged among its fans.

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Before the Second World War, British society was a society of people who were devoted to their traditions and to each other, and mostly respectful of the upper classes. However , the children who were condemned to watch this war crisis at an early age supported all kinds of actions against these conservative views in all aspects as they got older. Here are all the Pink Floyd elements from the generation born in the 1940s. Even if not consciously, the efforts of these young people were to mix their feelings and inner conflicts with their music and present them to large masses through art.

Pink Floyd was formed between 1964 and 1966 with the participation of bassist Roger Waters, keyboardist Richard “Rick” Wright, and drummer Nick Mason through Syd Barrett, the name that helped Pink Floyd become Pink Floyd, between 1964 and 1966, and soon became a part of established music styles . and became one of the leading groups of underground music that emerged as a reaction against the workings of the music industry.

Addressing a smaller audience in their early years, the group gained a national audience in a short period of time with the visual effects and stage performances they used.

In a short time, with the musicians’ dialogue with instruments and their special skills; The group, which became prominent in philosophy with its lyrics, became increasingly popular. The reason for this interest was that none of the Pink Floyd members lagged behind or left them behind.

When they came out, they were making music that music critics couldn’t classify. Based on sound effects, jazz and guitar solos, they started making music that focused around world and human issues. Evaluating the infrastructure of Psychedelic Rock and Jazz music, Pink Floyd managed to establish his own style after a while. This is the reason why Pink Floyd was called “Ekol”… Pink Floyd was already living his music style by becoming a legend…

2. Group members;

2. Group members;
David Gilmour (Guitar)

David Gilmour (Guitar)
David Gilmour was born on March 6, 1946 in Grantchester. His father was a genetics doctor. All his mother’s interests were in his son, who was playing the guitar . At the age of 13, his journey began with a classical guitar given to him by his neighbors. He was noted for his excellent sense of rhythm and his command of the guitar.

In those years, school bore Gilmour, as did Barrett . A much better guitarist than Barrett, Gilmour was the one who gave him his first guitar lesson. Gilmour had an extraordinary talent for the guitar, but Syd was also an incredible genius. These two became successor predecessors over time and were compared to each other by many critics.

When Syd started composing his first compositions, Dave was playing in a band called Joker’s Wild , where he stayed for a year in France , then returned to England , the band disbanded and he was broke. He hadn’t seen Syd for a long time and didn’t know the others at all, Pink Floyd had come a long way in the meantime and Syd was now leaving the group , so Dave joined the group as Pink Floyd’s fifth member.

Dave’s most important hobby is flying; Apart from this, he is interested in model airplane collection and participates in various aviation shows. Gilmour, who has been married twice, is the father of 7 children, 3 of whom are from his ex-wife.

Roger Waters (Bas-Vokal)

Roger Waters (Bas-Vokal)
George Roger Waters was born on 6 September 1943 in Cambridge. He has two siblings named John and Duncan. He was born on September 6, 1943 in Cambridge. He lost his father (Eric Fletcher Waters) in the war at a young age. This affected his whole life. He dedicated The Final Cut album to his father.

Like Syd, he went to Cambridge Boys’ High School. He appeared before the audience for the first time in the Nuclear Disarmament campaign in the early 60s. Here’s how he describes how he decided to become a musician:

“I was studying architecture at Regent Street Polytechnic, I think we had a few non-serious band experiences there but we couldn’t play anywhere. We had many names and our favorite was Megadeths. We would just sit down and talk about what we could do with the money we would earn. I spent a significant portion of my scholarship to buy a Spanish guitar and went to take a course. There was always a room in school for people to come and play with their instruments, now that I think about it, I think I bought my guitar before, because I remember learning the song called Shany Toen. I was absolutely not interested in what we learned in school. We were already investing all the scholarship we received in tools.”

He then left Cambridge to study Architecture and entered The Regent Street Polytechnic in London . It was here that she met Nick Mason and Richard Wright. They have worked with famous bands such as The T-Set and The Screaming Abdabs. He left Pink Floyd in the mid-1980s but left his mark on the group with his brilliant lyrical intelligence.

The most widely read member of the group was Waters. Blues had an intense influence in all his works. We can also trace almost all of Waters’ life in post-Barrett works. In fact, he never admitted to it, but “The Wall” is definitely episodes from his and Syd’s life.

Hardworking, active and creative, Waters is the most important representative of the intellectual aspects of the group that set it apart from the others. He thinks he is an elusive man and feels secret joy about it. He’s very interested in cars and mechanics, boasting a white 1950 Lotus Super Seven brand car, which is completely inoperable. Even today, when Pink Floyd is mentioned, the first name that comes to mind for many people is Roger Waters.

Richard (Rick) William Wright; He was born on 28 July 1945 in London . His music career began when he entered The Regent Street Polytechnic in London and met Roger Waters and Nick Mason, but he didn’t want to be an architect, all he thought about was making music. Six months later, they formed a band, taking Syd with them. Wright had learned to play the piano, harmonium, harpiscord, and cello before school, while at the Polytechnic he began studying architecture and music.

At school he was interested in electronics and electronic compositions. Especially with what his teacher Stockahausen wrote. This education and his talent contributed significantly to the emergence of the Pink Floyd sound that would emerge in the following years .

It is known that his single most important interest is music, but it is a fact that he is also the most pessimistic person of the group. When he feels that he is stealing badly, he can drop everything and go. Once his main goal was to buy a melletron (the world’s most advanced keyboard instrument) and experiment with music. He later achieved this goal. He wrote hundreds of lyrics and composed as many songs, but after he had done all of them, he always thought they were worthless and put them in a drawer. Rick’s biggest passion is to go on a yacht cruise whenever he gets the chance.


Nick Mason (Drums)
Nicholas (Nick) Berkeley Mason was born on January 27, 1945 in Birmingham. He is one of Bill and Sally Mason’s four children with Sarah, Melanie and Serena. His family was wealthy. He grew up in Hampstead, one of London ‘s wealthiest neighbourhoods, and attended an expensive private school. He has been interested in model cars since his childhood. He was a pretty naughty kid. At his primary school, Frensham Heights, Nick still holds the title of being the naughtiest student ever .

He learned to play the piano, violin and drums at an early age, eventually arriving at the Polytechnic and meeting other children. She took an apartment with Rick, but then she went back to her family. And Syd and Waters settled in that flat. After successes in the Ufo club, he decided to drop out of school for a year. In an interview in 1969 he says:

“I really liked the idea of ​​being a star, nothing else interested me but music. I was watching as many bands as I could , and the issue of how to perform pop music was the only thing that preoccupied me.”

Nick Mason says that a humanistic nature is always at the forefront of his personality. One of the most popular bands of the 1965s, Cream’s drummer is a fan of Ginger Baker, and his technique is most noticeable in his technique. Mason’s is a slow, emotional, low-tension technique equipped with successful attacks, which he is surprised by from time to time. He has a distinctive personality that cares about almost nothing in his daily life, not even the success of the group .


Syd Barrett (Guitar-Vocal)
Syd Barrett (Roger Keith) was born on January 6, 1946 in Cambridge. He has 2 older brothers and a sister. At Cambridge boys’ high school, he was two grades behind Roger Waters, who attended the same high school. He was the son of a fairly comfortable English middle-class family. He had a normal childhood. When his father noticed Syd’s musical talent, he encouraged her to buy him a banjo and later a guitar. Syd lost her father when she was 14 , this early death had a traumatic effect on her psychological structure.

He always seemed to be inclined towards art and music and decided to study music and painting at an early age. His first instrument was the Ukulele (4 string Hawaiian guitar). He also learned to play the guitar from methods and friends. He formed his first group (Geof Mott and Mottoes). He played with this band at parties and around the house. Then he started playing with a band called Hollering Blues. When he went to London , he met 3 children. The four of them later became Pink Floyd .

Syd and Dave grew up together. Dave was a better guitarist, but never quite matched Syd’s songwriting success… Syd studied music in Cambridge with David Gilmour. After technical school, Syd went to London to study painting, where she lived with Roger Waters.

From the moment she first became interested in music and painting, Syd was also interested in alcohol, cigarettes and women. He was attracting attention at school with his handsomeness and he was using it and trying every possible way to be with all the girls. Meanwhile, the house was starting to overflow with children pretending to play music on the weekends. It was around this time that Syd started using drugs , as all young people do . He came to London to start school in the fall of 1964 and settled in the same house with Waters.

Mason and Wright, who lived in this house before, broke up. Mason rejoined his wealthy family, and Wright got married. Mason, Waters, Barret and Bob Klose started playing together. Their biggest supporter was their host Leonard, so they named the group Leonard’s Lodgers . A few months later, Wright joined the band, the brainchild of course, Syd, who wrote almost all the tracks. But the band did not have a lead singer and Chris Dennis became the lead singer of this band.

Syd’s abstract paintings attracted attention at school, but this time the school began to not satisfy Syd. He joined a Sikh cult, Sant Mant, in 1965, which lasted only one summer, and Syd was back on drugs.

He left the band in 1968 and left the band to David Gilmour. Barrett, a personality highly approved by music circles, is still considered one of England ‘s greatest musicians. Critic Pete Brown has made an astonishing analogy when he calls Barrett “a typical Rimboud figure.” The main reason for this partnership he captured must have been his war against official values. ‘I’m not always this introverted,’ Barrett said in one of his speeches. ‘I think young people have more than enough to be happy about. But I don’t think I can find any’. After leaving the group, Barrett’s biggest supporters, who signed 4 solo albums, were his former bandmates.

Syd Barrett is perhaps the most mysterious member of the group. A writer described Barrett, who has a structure that supports all extreme lives, as ‘gypsy-hearted’ . Barrett’s most important feature was his interest in painting and philosophy, as well as his skills in guitar and music. He had a special sympathy for all people, which was what distinguishes him from other artists.

While he attaches great importance to his clothing, he is rebelling against the official conditions underlying this importance, and he is conscious of this. She wanted to wear the contrary, ugly, illegal clothes and perceive freedom as a whole and be with her freedom in every aspect of life . He had a personality that had no apprehension and was accountable to the moment he lived.

3. The story of how the group came together

3. The story of how the group came together
If we briefly touch on how the group came together; Waters wanted to leave the high school he first entered and focus on architectural education at Cambridge Regent Street Polytechnic School. Wright and Mason were also playing together in a band called Sigma 6 at that time. Both were studying music . It was the first time the trio appeared together in a school group called Poly. Then they played together in a band called Abdabs. In this band, Bob Close, who would later become one of the most famous jazz guitarists, played the guitar. Pink Floyd took its first form when Syd Barrett, who left Bob Close and later came to the big city to study art, joined this trio .



The group had become one of the most important bands of the London underground with their concerts, where they used the ‘Psychedelic Rock’ styles and visuals very well. In 1966, before they signed with a company, they took part in the documentary Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London, shot by journalist Peter Whitehead, with their songs.

6. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1966-1967)

6. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1966-1967)
Pink Floyd , who signed with a music company for the first time in 1966, took the first step into the world of albums with the “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play” 45s in 1967 . Their debut album ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ , all songs written by Syd Barrett , was a great success in England . The album was in the top 10 for 7 weeks on the best-selling albums list and was received positively by the critics. But the same success did not come in America . The band then toured with Jimi Hendrix and introduced themselves.

Using music to achieve change, Pink Floyd was making music to eliminate stagnation. With his compositions that seem meaningless and strange at first glance and give pleasure to listen to, he pioneered the way music is today. In short, it brought courage and speed to rock music. He not only kept one of the latest revolutions in music alive, but also put his name to an inaccessible place in art by integrating known values ​​with his different perspective.

After this album , they released a 45 called ‘Apples and Oranges’ , but the interest in this album was quite low. In the same period, they went on concert tours with a number of bands , and Floyd was the most interesting group of these concerts.


7. “All we can do is make records that we love. If kids don’t like it, they won’t buy it.”


“We’ve only just begun to explore the idea and effects of combining light and music; In our opinion , music and light are parts of the same scene , one augments and adds to the other. But it seems to us that in the future bands will have to offer much more than just a pop show. They will have to propose a well presented theatrical show.”


8. Syd Barret’s departure and drug problems
The reasons for the lack of interest in “Apples and Oranges” were quite important. Syd Barrett’s usual compositional performance was declining and she was in a state of total loss of balance due to her excessive drug use . He was losing his mental health more and more day by day, he did not attend the studios and his performance on the stage was declining. The group knew they could do something without Syd. He was the one who made all the lyrics and music. But Syd’s stay in the group was now causing the group to decline rather than rise.


Thus, Syd Barrett’s psychedelic line, which was enriched with drugs and stimulants, began to lose its influence on the community between 1968-1973 and left its place to an approach close to Progressive Rock , which is based on sound effects to some extent. After Syd Barrett left the band, they did many long experimental songs, soundtracks and studio work. Vocals, on the other hand, varied among band members. The trio of Waters, Gilmour and Wright were the ones who took on this task.


9. A Saucerful of Secrets (1968)
In June 1968, the band released the album ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’, their first work without Syd . The song ‘Set the Controls for Heart of the Sun’ in the album is still in minds today. David says of the album cover:

“I remember Roger and Nick thinking of creating an architectural diagram rather than making the album cover in any musical form. The cover would come out with a story made of emotions, not the beauty of the music. That’s what happened. Years later, we receive letters from people who still write about the emotions that the cover evokes in them.”

‘A Saucerful of Secrets’ is the only album released by the group with five members. However, Barrett only wrote the song ‘Jugband Blues’ and played guitar on ‘Remember A Day’.



The story of the album cover: They decided that the images suitable for their music could be immiscible bubbles of oil and water, which, like the dreamy early Floyd concerts, overlapped with Marvel characters, astrology, alchemy, swirling patterns, space and infrared strange photographs. As a result, a strange photograph emerged, consisting of a combination of color variations that would be considered modern at the time, with a group photo.

10. “More” soundtrack (1969) and Ummagumma (1969)
The new Pink Floyd had been spending a long time in the studio finding themselves after the band’s mastermind, Barrett. From time to time, the band worked on longer and experimental songs like ‘Careful With That Ax’ and ‘Eugene’ . The band made the soundtrack for the movie ‘More’ in 1969. In addition to the previous compositions on the album, they also composed special compositions for the film.

You can listen to the album here or here
1969 was also spent with intensive concert and album works. In the same year, they released a duo album called “Ummagumma” . This album also garnered more than expected attention from both listeners and critics.

11. Pink Floyd Rising (Atom Heart Mother-1970)

11. Pink Floyd Rising (Atom Heart Mother-1970)
In 1970, they evaluated the offers made for the soundtracks of many films. At this time, they were working on a very different album. This 1970 album titled “Atom Heart Mother” contained a truly unique sound. The classical forms embedded in the progressive genre, the extraordinary harmony of the orchestra and the youth choir produced a completely different product. Covering both sides of the cassette, the 6-part piece “Atom Heart Mother” featured an extraordinarily rich sound brought to life by a rich orchestra and a 40-member youth choir.


The story of the cover of the album: Thorgerson thinks of something unique, different from other rock and psychedelic covers, that no one would expect for the album, which will not constitute a cover, with a nameless image and a concept. Storm, who tells the idea to a photographer friend named John Blake, is suggested to use a cow. Interestingly, the cover, which is thought to be not eye-catching, is more eye-catching than all other alternatives. Although the name of the band and album is not included on the cover, the album reaches number one. Thus, the irrelevance, which is the soul of the album, becomes the theme of the photographs added in the interior design, which was prepared again in 1995. One of them was the recipe included in the CD, 1 camel, 1 North African goat…

12. Meddle (1971) v La Vallee (1972)
In 1971, the group released the album ‘Relics’, in which the singles of their first period were collected, and gave songs to the album ‘Zabriskie Point’ .

Towards the end of the same year, a new album was released after returning from the USA and Far East tour. “Meddle” . The ambitious track of the new album “Echoes” was a work at the peak of interest, besides its mysterious side, the melodic originality was also disturbingly beautiful. The album, in which the sound effects attracted even more attention, was seen by the band as the first album they worked on as a group. The album brought with it a new sound. It reached number 3 in the UK charts.

The story of the cover of the album: The cover consists of the image of water rings spreading above the colored human ear, taken by close-up expert Robert Dowling.


You can listen to the Meddle album here or here , and the song for La Vallee here or here .

What animals represent | To briefly explain a confusion of concepts; Animals is not inspired by George Orwell’s book Animal farm. Orwell made references to Soviet communism in his book. Animals, on the other hand, aims to describe human types in modern Europe, where western capitalism continues. The sheep are the unconscious people who do not leave the herd, the pigs the moral police who give them the task of supervising what man should do and not do morally; The people who have money and power, the dogs symbolize the greedy and backstabbing businessmen, the government and the judiciary … Although there are different information in different sources, it is understood from the lyrics that this is the most plausible one.

Rejection tooth | Stanley Kubrick wanted to use the album “Atom Heart Mother Suite” as the soundtrack for the dystopia “A Clockwork Orange”. But it was rejected.

The madman’s smile | The band’s tour manager, Peter Watts, father of Naomi Watts, was the band’s tour manager, “Laugh of the Madman” heard throughout The Dark Side of the Moon album.

“741” | It remained on the Billboard 200 chart for 741 weeks. This is incomplete information. The album actually remained on the Billboard chart for much longer than 741 weeks, and remains so, only because the magazine was under pressure to create a category for older albums in 1988, and the new categorical ranking was given 741 weeks later.



Secret message from The Wall album | “Is this where we entered?” The words spoken by Roger Waters, which means, are divided, and the last track begins with ‘isn’t this…’ at the end of ‘Outside The Wall’, and ‘…we came in’ at the beginning of the first track ‘In The Flesh?’ He wanted to connect the beginning and the end of the album by placing the lyrics. These words appear when they are brought back to back and listened to at high volume.

Adrian Maben, the director of Pink Floyd ‘s movie ‘Live In Pompeii’, read a letter from a 13-year-old boy who was present at the conference held in Italy for the 40th anniversary of the film’s shooting, years later.

“In 1971 I was 13 years old and of course I had no idea who these 4 crazy guys were. At that time, my father was the manager of The Grand Hotel Rosario, one of the biggest hotels in Pompeii, and the group was staying at that hotel. They stayed for 1 week and it was a very busy week for us because we had a fire hazard due to a cigarette butt they dropped on the floor of one of the rooms . This was a way for us to learn about the level of frenzy that characterized the group. Filming took 4 days from the 4th to the 7th of October 1971.”

“ Pink Floyd brought in all the supplies, including the 24-truck sound system, and made the payments. Thus, they were aiming to achieve the sound recording quality in a recording studio. When the group came to the Amphitheater , they realized that there was not enough electricity to allow all their instruments to work together . This problem was solved with a direct electric cable running from the Amphitheater to Dia Roma, one of the main streets of the city. Then we took the group to Pozzuoli with 2 company-owned buses. When they returned, the drivers said , ‘We were like in a madhouse, but we had fun, you’re all crazy’ . I remember when we went to the Amphitheater to shoot, the mountain size of the equipment and an army of long-haired technicians impressed me a lot.”


15. A turning point (Dark Side Of The Moon-1973)
A very important event in the beginning of 1973 is now on the agenda. The album “Dark Side of the Moon”, which they performed successfully both in Europe and in the USA concerts, became legendary both with the album cover and the effect it created, was released.

The album was a turning point for the band. ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, released in 1973, was a turning point for the ensemble. The album was considered a rock classic with its strong melodic structures and was constructed in a unity supported by effects. The recordings of the saxophone, female vocalists, Wright’s use of the piano to add jazz to the songs and the band members discussing the problems of daily life were used in this album. Although the songs have different structures, the album was actually based on human life.

The album, which sold more than 40 million copies , became the best-selling Rock album in the world… In the same year, the single made for the song ‘Money’ reached number one. ‘A Nice Pair’, a compilation from their first album, led to the release of material such as the Pompeii Concert. These collections conveyed the early stages of Pink Floyd to new audiences.

The album entered the UK and US music charts at number one. Especially according to band members David Gilmour and Nick Mason, this album was not musically better than ‘Meddle’ or ‘Atom Heart Mother’; but for the first time, a certain amount of money was allocated for the promotion of the album and the press supported the band. David Gilmour attributed the musical success of the album to the fact that the tracks had been played live before and the tracks were known, so the recordings were good.




It took 3 minutes for the band members to decide on the album cover . Designer Storm Thorgerson presented them with seven different designs at the Abbey Road studios during the recording of the album. The group came in and looked at them all and pointed to the prism design, “that’s it” . It all took three minutes. The 2011 deluxe box included what Thorgerson said in his 2003 interview:

“It was impossible to convince them of another option, I didn’t even have to explain or describe what it would look like. They said we should go back to the records and left.”

An unaccepted design later became the popular Marvel comic book hero. It’s not hard to imagine how we might think if they had approved an album with Silver Surfer on the cover .


“When Storm showed us the alternatives, we all undoubtedly pointed to the prism as ‘this’. It was the perfect cover. It would also look great on showcases. It wasn’t the four women jumping in the meadow, at least we weren’t.”


“The triangle is seen as a symbol of passion. The equally weighted lyrics on the universe and madness in the album also included themes that reminded us of the Pyramids. The fact that the spectrum wraps around the album cover also symbolizes the heartbeats of the album taking place at the beginning and end.”


17. Sounds from the album “Dark Side of the Moon” and the alias of the album
You can hear a lot of conversation between the tracks of Pink Floyd ‘s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ album. These sounds are the answers given by Roger Waters to the sound system installers, truck drivers, light workers and other crew members. These conversations can be heard in most of the songs. For example, “ What do you think the Dark Side of the Moon means?” or “ When was the last time you resorted to violence and were you right?” are answers to such questions.


The reason it has another name is because another album, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, was released at that time. The beat group ‘Medicine Head’ released an album with the same name in 1972 and Pink Floyd changed the name of their new album for a while. However, when Medicine Head’s album failed, the old name was revived.

The album only won 1 Grammy award. That award also went to Alan Parsons for Best Recorded Album.


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